Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Central Air!!!!

Oh yes... we have forced air. Sniff... I'm so proud and excited! I've never not huddled in front of a window unit all summer long sweating. Who honestly takes pictures of their temp control units? Me... that's who. I went to look at my cabinets and was suprised to see vents when I walked in the door. The heating was finished today! And the unit is all white and glows green in the dark... I'm in love :)

Sorry about the mist, it's extremely foggy in Vancouver. This thing is massive! It takes up half of my sidewalk by my garden!


Look at my beautiful return vent!

Then I saw my garage... all of my cabinetry has arrived! Our garage is completely filled with supplies at this point and you can hardly move!

It was really dusty in there, but here is the front of a cabinet!

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