Sunday, January 3, 2010


We purchased a bathtub! It took several trips and much discussion. But I finally found a tub that had all of the requirements. We wanted the edge to be squareish like our cabinet's and not rounded, I also required a 19" deep instead of the standard 14-15". And here it is!

KOHLER Archer(TM) 5' Bath, White
Model # K-1123-RA-0

My mother and I also purchase 3 new lights for the living room. It currently has no fixtures at all. Like many homes in the Northwest, it is reliant upon floor lights. I am sick of living in dingy apartments without enough lighting. So I decided to put 3 lights in a row, two domes, and one matching hanging light in the center. It's the same thing I am doing in the family room to replace the current mismatched 3 lights. They didn't have the lights in stock so I can't take pictures, but they should be delivered by Wednsday!
Tonight Geri and I are heading back to the house to start painting the living room to match the fireplace. A yummy cream tone!

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