Thursday, January 7, 2010


You may remember yesterday I posted pictures of our office which was this lovely shade of green.

Then you saw how we primed the room here.

Last night we spent several hours painting the office Sherwin Williams Krypton in Harmony. We also painted the ceiling white and the window trim. The result is so stunning I wish I had done it in my bedroom.

We were so excited we started painting the trim around the closet and the door white also. Then I got really excited and jumped into the shutter inspired doors. This is as far as we got. Re ran out of steam and Geri exclaimed why aren't we using the paint gun for this? Let's just line them up outside and spray them! Well... aren't you the smarty pants? So that's the plan, at least when we have a warmer day that it's not raining. Good old northwest.

As we were working I made a comment on how Geri's door was squeaking and it sounded like someone was whistling outside the window. Well about 5 minutes later her paranoia struck and she yelled at me the paint is dry! Let's hang the curtains! You've got me checking the window now to see if somebody is peeking in!
So we did. And although they could use an iron, they look lovely. and it will look so beautiful once the floors are refinished and there is white toe board in place don't you think?

And back to the kitchen. We decided, between coats, to play with the paint again. The previous owner's left behind dozens of cans of paint. So we cracked a bunch open and one was this beautiful warm mocha color which I LOVE. But I'm hesitant to put that dark of a color in the tiny kitchen with the already very dark cabinets. So we mixed and matched and came up with this rosy latte color. What do you think? We both really liked it and are thinking it may be the one.
I realize all of the comments I got were for the cream color. Let me know what you think about this one! Or am I just running all over the place? I'll have to go back to the antique mall and take pics of the cafe' artwork I'm really dying to put in here. As soon as I'm rich of course. I've always dreamed of creating the perfect french or Tuscan cafe' inspired eat in kitchen. Mommy?
You know what else this means? All of the bedrooms and living room in this wing are painted! Which means.... we are ready to resurface and stain the floors!!! Wohoo! Now if the bathroom could only get under way. Sigh. I have all of the materials, tub, sinks, toilet and seat, faucets, towel bars, cabinet's. Just need countertops and tile and we'll be set. Of course a sub floor and walls would be nice also.


  1. I love the mocha color, but think it might be a little dark for that kitchen. Try putting a little cream in it. Let me see the art work and I'll think about it. ;) Mommy

  2. Love the mixed latte colour!

  3. Yeah I like the mixed latte too.

  4. Thanks so much for your comment about my brick wall - it's so helpful to hear thoughts from others :)

    So, you were first considering painting the kitchen cream? Is that right? I think I'd wait until the cabinets and counters are in and then maybe test some large swatches on the wall before deciding. After living with the new cabinets for a week or two, you might have a better idea of how dark or light you want to go.

    But, you know I like whites :)



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