Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ceilings and more ceilings.

It seems we've been working on ceilings a lot this week. I hate ceilings. I especially abhor painting ceilings. The good news is all of the big ceilings are now painted.

Dan taped and mudded the kitchen ceiling. Then I primed the ceiling, then he primed the ceiling. Then we bought more primer, and I primed the ceiling again, then he primed the ceiling again. And we finally came to the conclusion that we probably will need to texturize because there are all kinds of imperfections showing through the coats of paint... It's a learning process.

Then Geri and I painted the family room ceiling! Which looks sooo much better. Remember what it looked like before?

Then when we painted the walls?

Here's how it looks now. We are still working at filling in those lines on the top so we can put a chair rail up and fake that the bottom is wainscoting. I can't wait to hang the new lighting! We can finally do that tomorrow when the paint is dry!!!!!

Dan also finished mudding in the new entry way to the family room.

He also tore into those cracks that were above the slider. Turns out some weirdo had put nails every 1/4" all the way up the seam between the two pieces of sheet rock instead of on either side. Thus, the tape popped up and made a crack through all of the putty and paint. Dan is working on remedying the situation.

Lastly, Geri and I figured out how to hang blinds!!! We only did one because it was the only window sill that was painted. I did finish painting the trim in my bedroom so we can hang the blinds tomorrow.

Tonight I am working on my daughter's window treatments. As most mom's know, blinds can be dangerous for little ones, posing the risk of strangulation in the cords and all kinds of hazards. So what I'm doing is a sort of roman shade. I have tension rods and a bunch of white duck cloth. I am making them exactly the width of the window like shades, then sewing tubes down either side and inserting bright fuchsia ribbon so that I can sinch the bottoms of the corners up and tie in big bows creating a swag effect. I believe the large window will also need one in the center. At least that's how it works in my head. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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