Thursday, January 14, 2010


Please forgive us for our random posting. We've been sick and stressed and stretched thin. But are back at the house working away. My hubby is currently finishing up sanding the sheet rock in the kitchen and I'll be painting it soon. Stand by to see what color I finally have chosen! I also made curtains out of that fabulous fabric in my previous post and can't wait to hang them on the new $70 curtain rod I found on sale for $40!

In the meantime. I'm addicted to this website! Check out their room by room DIY makeover's! It's made by better homes and gardens. They also have some DIY offshoot mags that I'm addicted to but can't afford. I manage to sneak them into my groceries every once in a while though!

I mean seriously. How cool is this?

And under the bedrooms, they have kids rooms. Check out the pic that is themed after a french ice cream shop!!! Sooo cute! Ideas Ideas!

Judging by my lack of comments lately I've either lost most of my regular readers or they have better things to do with their time. Don't abandon me! The fun is just starting!!!

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