Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If it can It will....

Today started out beautiful and almost warm. I decided I must get some yard work done. Then it started raining on me. But we'll start at the beginning and take this post one step at a time.
The ceiling in the kitchen is dry and needs a patch or two but for the most part is ready to paint!

As promised, we have a sub floor where the tub will be installed! Unfortunately...That slit at the right is where the drain was. My hubby touched it and it... uh... fell off? Seriously. It fell off. Sooo more work.

Here's a view of the wall that he's put new supporting 2x4's in because of slight dry rot on the base board.
And the ceiling over the tub where there used to be a giant soffit box that hung down. Hopefully we'll have a ceiling soon!

This is the other side of the bathroom where a soffit box used to hang over the cabinet's and mirror. A little rewiring and we'll have a beautiful new wall. Today Dan spent the entire day bagging up the insulation that was in this area.

Our lovely new shop vac was an amazing help. You are worth your weight in gold little shop vac.

I bought some samples of exterior paint and pretty much ended up hating all of them. Just for the record, that orange was brown on the swatch... I swear to God. Eww!

Alrighty, now on to the yard work. We have this very narrow area between us and the park. We will be installing a privacy fence here and these poor Rhododendron's will have no light.
So I had the amazing idea to relocate them here. Against the back fence that has no privacy and hopefully let them grow into some kind of a hedge. My husband looked at me like I was insane and told me to just buy hedges. I told him if he could magically find the money for hedges he was welcome to.... he started digging.
We have one Rhody dug up... the smallest one. I also got some great work done on the front herb garden. There was one lonely purple sage bush against the front courtyard and one lonely lavender bush all the way up by the street! So I transplanted the lavender next to the sage so they could be buddies. Which led to me ripping up all of the old weed cloth along the driveway and digging a whole new garden in the front lawn... I am coated in mud and in glorious gardening heaven.
Hey Honey? Look up!!!!

Well, apparently the roofers decided a giant hole could just be hidden by one little shingle and we wouldn't find out??? But then, the shingle just fell off. Dan went into the attic for something and thought.. uh.. why do I see blue sky? I think there is supposed to be a third vent there. Well, there will be now because there is no other way to fix the hole. It of course started raining. So there is my poor hubby in the rain, in the dark, on top of the house, trying to patch a 20" hole so it won't rain in the attic!!! I must have jinxed myself after the plumbing, the drainage, the roof, all of the electrical, most of the walls and ceiling got replaced. I said... hey! Nothing else can go wrong right? We've replaced everything right? I've cursed us.
Oh! I didn't mention the funnest part of the day though. Forgive me .. do.
While I was digging in the mud in my painted jeans and way too tight Voltron tee, a beautiful little girl walked up and said is that your dog in the backyard? I said yes! She said, oh, she is sooo cute! I said thank you. She then told me her name was Dominique and she loved this house. OMG this girl was adorable probably about 10 years old, shoulder length kinky Afro hair and bright 80's style neon earrings. Like a black version of Hannah Montanah LOL She told me the house had been vacant for around 2 years and her and her girlfriends had been using it as a fort! I know it sounds bad, but it made me feel so nice knowing the break ins were just little girls! She said they loved the house so much and had been trying to clean it up and make it pretty but then were caught by the realtor and told they couldn't go inside anymore. But that they continued until they realized our stuff was there. I told her I appreciated that they stopped going in and that we would be living there soon. She told me she wanted to help us make the house pretty. I told her in the spring when it was warmer she could come over and help us with the gardens :) She seemed extremely pleased.


  1. Wow!!! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong! Just think of how amazing everything will be once you get all of this work done, and you guys can be so proud knowing that you did it all. I can't wait to see the end results! LOL on the little black Hannah Montanna, too funny! I hope today bring lots of good things your way :)

  2. LOL on the Black Hannah Montana! The end result will be fabulous! I can't wait!

  3. I love the picture of Dan's head coming through the roof. You definitely have to frame that one!


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