Monday, January 4, 2010

Geri and I spent last evening painting the living room bisquit in Sherwinn Williams Harmony to match the fireplace. We started with painting the ceiling white. Who knew it was so yellowy until we slapped that shiny white paint up. The difference is incredible. That room is so huge, and it looks even bigger now with such a light surface reflecting all of the light from the ginormous picture window.
It took an entire gallon of paint to do the ceiling. We went through two gallons of paint on the walls and it still needs the trimming on top done and another coat on the walls. The old peachy color is still trying to peek through. I forgot my camera when we were working so I'll try to get back and post some before and after pics before the end of the week!

Just for reference, here are the before and after's on the fireplace once more. You can see the color we chose for the walls on the fireplace.

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  1. I love the fireplace in the light color. The place is really coming along!


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