Friday, January 22, 2010

It's been a rough week. Between sickness and laziness we really don't feel like we've accomplished much. But Dan did finish mudding the ceiling, and we realized we need to texturize it to cover up the problems. Dan's dad agreed to come help us.

I put a coat of primer on the closet doors of the office. It's making a huge difference already! Although halfway through I swore I would use the paint gun for the other two closet doors.. what a pain!

Then we realized that we were slowing down because we couldn't find anything and the garage had no more space to store anything. So we rearranged and now everything is in order according to when we'll need it and we have a ton of space!

Dan also took some time to help me with a little project I'd been working on. A coatrack made from twigs I cut from our trees out back! I had him cut the back off of a small log to have a flat surface. I then pre-drilled my holes in the log, and in the backs of the little branches, and also used a sinker to make sure the heads of the screws were sunk so the back would sit flush against the wall. Dan helped me screw them in because I was having troubles holding the drill and branches.
Voila!!! A coat rack! How crafty are we?

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