Friday, January 8, 2010


Today was a long day. We cut the new header for the opened up doorway going from the kitchen to family room. Then realized we hadn't brought the floor jack to hold the beams in place when we pulled out the existing header, as it's a load bearing wall. So on to the cabinets.

It took us a long time and some disagreement and lots of chalk line and shims, but we finally got this first cabinet into place and Dan screwed it all down. Unfortunately the wall is seriously bowed in the middle and we had to put some 1/2" shims in place to make the counter level.

We then stopped for a small milk break.

Then back to work installing the lazy susan! This was even trickier because this particular cabinet did not have a base, we had to install an X underneath, then shim under the tiny X holding up the giant cabinet on our extremely not square, plumb, or level kitchen floor and walls.

My extremely debonair husband then screwed into place. Check out that eyebrow lift. Hot stuff.


We also got the dishwasher into place exactly where Dan is standing, and drilled holes in the next cabinet for the plumbing to go through. Then we headed off to Red Robin for giant burgers and cocktails. Dan had a couple so I responsibly drove home. I had a chocolate milkshake. Mmmmm.
Then Dan got frisky with the new camera and tried to blind me while I was driving.

It was pouring outside and we decided to go home.
But we'll be back at it tomorrow and hopefully get more than two cabinet's in place.
So here's the thing. These are custom built cabinet's that I helped design for my kitchen. They gave us schematics at the design appointment. We kept them. Then we received our cabinet's and tons of loose bits and pieces in boxes with no instructions. I have to tell you, nothing tests a marriage's limits like throwing a bunch of stained wood at a couple of newlyweds working on their first home and telling them to wing it.
Gosh I'm having a blast!!!!!

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