Monday, January 18, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

I am somewhat of a neat freak. That is why I am dedicating the first portion of my blog post today to my Dad. My dad and I go together like peas and a pod. I like everything tidy and neat. He likes everything organized and labeled.

Every time I enter my kitchen or the family room and look at the light switches it makes me smile. His neat little handwriting on neat little tags on all of the light switches and breakers.

Maybe you can't appreciate it, but I do. You know what else I appreciate? The fact that he's there, every morning, on all of his days off. Rewiring my entire house, free of charge. What kind of a dad is he? The best. Thanks Dad.
When we arrived this morning I was so eager to see how the new shades and curtains looked I immediately hung up my daughters. They work almost as well as what was in my head! And I love them. They were super easy to make also. The only drawback is that when they are cinched up the lower corners slightly hang inwards and do leave a slight gap that you can see on the right hand side of the large window. All in all I'm happy though, and can't wait to find a neat little birdcage to spray paint the same colors as the ribbon's and turn into a lamp to hang in that corner! I'm also toying with the idea of painting or constructing from vintage wallpaper a tree up that corner. I can't wait to get the white trim around those windows!
I then hung the curtains I made for the living room. I am so in love with these. This isn't the greatest photo but if you go back a few posts you'll see me standing with the bolt of fabric.
I then proceeded to install these blinds by myself. Note: If anybody ever... EVER hears me say I'm going to install blinds again... please slap me. This was an extremely frustrating job for me. I suck with a drill, it was super heavy and my arms hurt and there are scratches all over the new paint on the sills from me dropping screws. At one point I dropped one of the brackets and lost it for about an hour while I searched. Then I finally got the brackets all up and went to hang the shades on them and broke one of the chintzy plastic brackets!!! After much screaming and swearing my hubby finally came in and rubbed my back while I fumed... good hubby. Then he helped me put them up. There's still a broken bracket, as they come with 50 extra screws but no extra brackets. But they are hung, and I'm happy. Except now I can see that the floor trim really needs to be painted white! And the outlet's aren't changed out yet. But it's getting there! Imagine my white IKEA Malm bed frame and dressers against that bright blue!!!

The last thing we did before we left the house was install these beautiful new lights in the family room! I have the same domes for the living room, but a fancier center one that's more like a pendant on a chain.

I realized today that the ceiling in the family room is much taller and I may end up having to swap the center ones because we'll probably bonk our heads on it if it's in the living room. We'll see what it looks like, it's still on back order!


  1. Love watching everything! I wish I was half as talented as you. Since I am not, I will live vicariously through this post.

  2. :0D yay Heide! i'm so happy for you guys-having a house is so wonderful(kudos to daddy for all his hard work too!)

  3. Everything looks amazing!! I love, love, love your curtains in Nemi's room and the living room.. awesome!!


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