Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ceiling Texture

Alright. Sometimes you just have to bite your cheek and say, I'm an amateur. We did a pretty bad job on the ceiling, so we decided to texturize. With advice from Dan's dad, he finished the job beautifully! There are only 2 spots we need to go back and thicken a little when it's dry. I am sooo much happier with it! I can't wait to finally get this kitchen painted!

While he did that, I did this. It's a wall decal my sweet friend Carrie sent us! I have been staring at the tube waiting and wondering where to put it. I absolutely adore where I placed it, right next to my new curtains and the fireplace. And yes.. I know I put the last word too close to the others, but it was kind of a one shot thing, and now it's stuck that way :) I don't think it's too terrible though! I promise I taped them up and respaced them several times and even used a level before I stuck them... sigh.

Earlier in the day my parents took me shopping for more bits and pieces for the house. Including, new knobs for the closets.

And the most dramatic change... before...

After!!! Okay so it's not the same door, but you can see the old knob and the new knob :)

I also had purchased these finials earlier in the month because they were on sale, and because I could not find long enough curtain rods I liked in white. So I decided to buy some dowels and make my own. Today I bought these bracket's to hold the dowels and spray painted them white.

When we had the forced air installed, unfortunately the back built on laundry room/bath was not connected to the main ceiling, and we were unable to duct that one tiny bathroom. It did have a working wall heater like this from the 70's... but it pooped out on us this week. I told mommy the toilet seat was toooooo cold for my bum, and we bought a new heater today.

And lastly, but the biggest purchase of the day. I'm sorry Dad, but the shop vac we were borrowing from you just wasn't cutting it anymore. The filter kept falling off inside and more dust was escaping than it was sucking up. I mean come on, I remember that shop vac when I was a kid. LOL
So here's our brand new one! Bigger too!
The baby started coughing pretty badly tonight, so I will be staying home with her tomorrow. Dan will be going to the house on his own, and hopefully starting to fix the dry rot in the bathroom floor and possibly touch up the ceiling texture. I'll post if anything amazing happens, but more than likely you'll have to wait until Monday for the next post!


  1. The saying looks so nice! I'm so glad you liked it!!!

  2. Absolutely in love with it. It's a real conversation piece too. Everybody new who comes into the house asks about it!


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