Friday, January 22, 2010

Today was a fun project day. We started off with a free coffee coupon, so I tried something new. It was the grossest coffee ever. So we got donut holes at Krispee Kreme to make up for it. After a quick trip to The Home Depot, Dan prepped a patch job in the kitchen while I spent some time sanding these old end tables and patching a few places. They are now ready to paint white! I also painted this shelf resting on top of them. It goes in my closet :)

I was sanding outside on top of this old table. I realized I'd been meaning to refinish this orange table for years and never done it. So after I was done blowing dust clouds from the end tables I decided why not tackle the table? Later I primed the top because I had a full roller I was going to wash anyway. It looks ridiculous at the moment, but hopefully every time I walk by it I'll do something more to it.

When my daughter decided to finally take a nap we headed outside. On the left there you can see behind the shed. Dan pulled two trees out and moved the wood pile that had been leaning up against the back. Unfortunately the wood had been there for a very long time and was rotting the side of the shed slightly. But it's an easy fix. He did however make some pretty awful noises when he came upon a giant centipede about 3 inches long and fat and red. As I am typing this he comments... "and me without my Atari joystick!" Yes my hubby is a giant geek. He then killed a giant spider. My hero :) I spent a little bit of time painting the new trim around the windows and the sliding glass door. It then started to sprinkle, so we packed it up and moved inside.

Where I finished painting the closets! I really should have taken a before photo of this one. If you'll believe it, it used to be electric lavender on top with a forest green stripe going across the center where the rod was, and the bottom was a dingy off white. It now sparkles. I can't wait to start installing some trim! We need to refinish the floors first.

This is the master closet and it was bright orange. Even the ceiling and front of the closet was orange. Honestly? Why did the ceiling of the closet need to be orange? I guess I'll never know. Somebody thought it was beautiful though.

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