Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally got a good evening to head over to the house and finish up some painting. And yes, I remembered my camera this time!

So without further adieu... my new living room color! Please ignore the miscelaneous boxes and sheets over the window.

After. OMG it's so amazing seeing these pics next to each other! Oh, just seeing I forgot to put the vent back in the ceiling.. ooops! I am also planning on painting the window trim white.

My faithful helper Geri. Can you see the kitchen through the doorway? Isn't it hideous? I'm working on changing that below.
And now, my front door! With newly installed doorknobs! And if you peek through the window to the side you'll see what I can't wait to see every day when I get home. After we move in that is. Gizmo!

I love these doorknobs!!!
Here's what we did today. This lovely office has a view of the park, and was a pretty dark green. It was a lovely color, but not great for a design area. My whole business will be run from this room and I needed something neutral to hold fabric against.


And after priming. This will very soon be painted Sherwin Williams: Krypton, which is a light gray with just a hint of blue. But for now, I'm happy with the white.

I also found an old can of copper spray paint and goofing around tagged the kitchen wall. Haha, what good is DIYing if you can't grafitti your own walls? You can also see to the right where we are opening up the doorway.

And finally. I purchased a warm yellow paint for the kitchen and decided to test it by the brick wall. Well I hate it. So I added some white and put some below the yellow, and I like it better, but then I tried my original paint color I was thinking about and think I may just go with that instead.

Please oh please, write me a comment and tell me what you think! Remember my cabinet's are a dark wood, countertops and tile will be Cream colored. I can't wait to hear your opinion. Oh, and feel free to tell me any other color that you think would be great!


  1. I love the new look of the living room! It's so much brighter.

    For the kitchen, I think I like the color below the yellow best.

  2. Love, love the living room. Definite transformation! I, also, like the color below the yellow.


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